LE O' BU is an oasis of craftsmanship based on ecological materials. Our exclusive scented candles are made with high-quality, hand-picked fragrance oils in Germany and Belgium. In our unique collection we combine design and handmade scented candles, with each product created with love and care.

Each of our scented candles is crafted with love and care, poured by the hands of our skilled artisans.

It is important to us that only materials that are good for the environment are used. We therefore use pure sunflower wax for the basic substance of our candles. Sunflower wax is biodegradable and sustainably sourced, which helps protect nature. It also has excellent burning properties, which ensure long-lasting and even fragrance distribution and produce a warm light.

The exquisite fragrance oils come from a renowned perfumer from Grasse . The city in southern France is considered the perfume capital of the world and is known for growing flowers and plants used in the production of high-quality fragrances. The unique climatic conditions and rich soil contribute to the quality of flowers grown such as roses, jasmine and lavender, which are of great importance in perfume making. Each of our candles releases an exquisite scent that enchants the senses and exudes an aura of elegance.

LE O' BU is not just a brand for high-quality interior items, but a matter of the heart. Our goal is to enrich spaces and create products that convey love and harmony.